The most recent version of hardware for this project is µGame 10.

µGame 10

Feature Placement


Hardware Specification

Size 42×50×5mm
Processor Atmel SAMD21
Clock Internal 48MHz
Memory 32kB
Storage 2MB External
Display ST7735R 1.44”
Resolution 128×128
Color 16-bit
Audio Mono 8-bit
Buttons 6

Battery Notes

For logistic reasons the µGame 10 is shipped without a battery. The user has to attach and solder the battery themselves (before attaching the display). Pretty much any lithium battery will work with the built-in battery charger, but as the charger works at 400mA, it is important that the battery can be charged with that current. Usually this means that the battery has to be at least 400mAh in size. The Nokia BL-5B battery is recommended, as it has the right size and shape, stores around 800mAh, and is contained in a safe package that fits well on the back of the device. Any other phone battery of similar size should also be suitable.

Note that to charge the battery, the power switch has to be on while the device is connected to the USB port.

An example of a battery attached to the back of the device with a two-sided tape and soldered to the battery pads: